People do crazy things during the pandemic. And my share of that is juggling between two roles, a master student and a full time journalist, in the past nine months. I had thought about quitting one of them more than ten times. (No joking.) Finally the roller coaster ride came to an end with the final presentation delivered over zoom yesterday. I'm so ready for this moment yet so speechless to express my feeling.

The cover photo is Kamisaka Sekka's Swirling Snow. I just discovered this while picking the cover and thought could probably best sum up my journey — an ill-equipped traveller made up her mind to weather the blizzard.

I've learned so much throughout not only from the program/mentors/classmates but also from myself. But still wondered how I managed to accomplish this without Hermione's time-tuner. I only got a new MUJI scheduler and it turned out as good I guess lol

Heard that teachers are pretty happy about their first batch of students and will have 2nd soon. Here are some links and attachments I've made either individually or with my dear classmates if you'd like to know what I get out of the program or the reason why I am ghosting.

Master thesis project


Course projects